First issued titanium Apple Cards are about to expire

Apple Card was launched in 2019 in the United States, and although using it with Apple Pay is the best solution, the company offers a physical titanium card so that its holder can make purchases in stores that do not accept contactless payments. Interestingly, the first Apple Cards issued are about to expire and Apple is now sending new ones to cardholders.

Some Apple Titanium Cards are about to expire

The first customers with an Apple Card are now being notified by Apple via email that their Titanium Card is about to expire (via MacRumors). As no information is engraved on the titanium Apple Card other than the holder’s name, users had no idea when their card would expire – but we now know it is valid for around five years .

In the email, Apple says a new Titanium card will be sent automatically to the cardholder’s billing address. The company also notes that customers can continue to use Apple Card in all locations that accept Apple Pay.

We send a replacement Titanium card to your billing address so you can continue using it in physical locations. Remember, even without a physical card, you can still use your Apple Card at any location that accepts Apple Pay. Your new Titanium card will be shipped within 2 weeks from the date of this communication.

You can continue to use your Titanium card until it expires or until you activate the new one. You can still use Apple Card with Apple Pay and your virtual card number to make purchases at merchants that don’t yet accept Apple Pay by entering your number from Wallet or using Safari AutoFill.

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The company also says the new card will ship with a prepaid shipping label so cardholders can send their old Apple Card to Apple for recycling.

It should be noted that the Apple Card is only available in the United States.

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