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Fire on Oceanside Pier continues to smoulder on day 2 – NBC 7 San Diego

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After battling through the night, dozens of fire crews continued working Friday on land and sea to extinguish a massive blaze that ravaged the end of Oceanside’s longtime pier.

A steady smoldering fire continued Friday as crews were still dousing the pier, in contrast to the thick plume of black smoke that rose around the North County coastal town around 3 p.m. day before. Firefighters told NBC 7 there were four firefighting boats and two rescue boats in the water as they were still pouring water early in the morning.

“We’re not going to declare the fire under control yet, but we’re almost there,” Oceanside Fire Chief David Parsons said. A deputy fire chief was on scene in a helicopter to obtain information on the status of the fire. The city also uses drones to get a visual under the pier.

Arson investigators are on scene and say nothing has been ruled out. Parsons said investigators have determined a point of origin at the location of the old Ruby.

“There was a new vendor that was doing some renovation work. We were getting ready to hopefully open a new restaurant, so we were in the process of improving the tenants,” Parsons said.

During the night, Parsons told NBC 7 that crews decided to stand down and let the fire burn because it was burning in some hard-to-reach areas.

“At some point in the evening we made the decision to stop the water spraying a little bit and that’s why you saw flames at certain points in the evening. There was a collapse of the roof of the restaurant building but no additional damage to the pier itself,” Parsons said. “We estimate that 90% of the pier was undamaged by the fire.”

Officials were also concerned about a sewage tank hanging under the bridge, but on Friday morning it was reported that there was no damage to the tank and no spills had occurred.

The U.S. Coast Guard has established a safety zone for the pier and beach and no one is allowed within 500 yards of the pier.

Firefighters were first called shortly after 3 p.m. Thursday to battle the blaze at the building that was formerly the site of Ruby’s Diner. The restaurant has sat empty since the business closed three years ago. The Brine Box, the business next door was open when the fire broke out.

“Chef Rachel saw smoke rising under the pier behind the old Ruby’s building,” Jessica Waite, co-owner of Brine Box, told NBC 7. “Luckily everyone was evacuated safely. “We are so sad to see this happen.”

Firefighting boats arrived on scene and fired water cannons at the structure at the end of the pier, where it widens to support two structures and is called the hammer. Fire crews were also stationed at the base of the pier with hoses running the entire length of the pier.

On the coast, people had begun to gather to watch the fire, some posing for selfies with the historic structure burning behind them.

Despite warnings, hundreds of people gathered along the coast to watch the fire and efforts to put it out.

Over the next several hours, a helicopter operated jointly by Cal Fire and the San Diego Sheriff’s Department arrived to drop water on the structure fire, a very rare sight. San Diego Fire Rescue’s new Triton firefighting vessel also arrived to assist in the efforts. Carlsbad, Vista, North County Fire and Camp Pendleton also sent ground crews to help, officials told NBC 7.

Businesses and restaurants near the pier, including Top Gun House’s Famous High Pie, were closed due to onshore winds carrying smoke and ash toward the shoreline, the store’s operator said. pies at NBC 7.

Officials provided an update on the Oceanside Pier fire during a press conference around 5 p.m. on April 25, 2024.

Speaking at a news conference around 5 p.m., Oceanside Fire Chief David Parsons said rescuers were the first to report the fire and firefighters arrived five minutes later. He also said most of the fire had been virtually destroyed and they were now working to bring it under control, although the bridge was still burning, where firefighters were concentrating their efforts.


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Along the sand, NBC 7 cameras found burned pieces of the Oceanside Pier that had washed ashore.

As of 10 p.m., crews were still battling the active fire in the restaurant building and the pier and boats were still in the water, according to Chief Blake Dorse of the Oceanside Fire Department. Fire crews also removed several boards from the pier and created a 5-foot trench running across the width of the pier to help prevent the fire from spreading east.

Charred pieces of the pier began washing up on shore around 5:30 p.m. Thursday.

The Oceanside Emergency Operations Center operates at Level 3 – Minimum Level and coordinates at the county level and also works with San Diego Fire and Rescue lifeguards and Harbor Patrol.

Last year, the city of Oceanside spent $5.5 million to upgrade the 1,954-foot-long pier’s aging pipes and electrical systems. The wooden structure was first built in 1888, but was destroyed twice during its life, once in 1890 by rough seas and, after being rebuilt, again in 1902.

Thursday’s fire is not the first building to burn at the site: in 1976, “a fire broke out at the Pier Fish Market, located midway on the pier and in December the Pier Cafe was completely destroyed by fire,” according to the Oceanside Chamber. Trade. The current pier was built in 1987.

No injuries were immediately reported. Sanchez, who said the city would be rebuilt, said at the news conference that all employees had been accounted for.

Parsons, the fire chief, said investigators are on the scene but the cause may not be determined for several days.

The fire at the Oceanside Pier drew a crowd to the shore, and many tourists and neighbors watched in disbelief as the fire continued to burn. NBC 7’s Jeanette Quezada reports April 25, 2024.

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