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Find love and all its quirks, even 2,654 miles away

During the ceremony, Mr. Harris read a number of emails from friends, “filling the space with the wishes of our communities,” Ms. Lenz said.

“The pandemic has been exhausting in every way, and watching them come together, despite all the obstacles, both real and ridiculous, has brought me such pleasure and pleasure to everyone I have spoken to. ‘them,’ said Robyn Rime, one of Mr. Paskey’s close friends. “They’ve managed to transcend what’s going on in the world.”

When April 3, 2021

Or The Sea Ranch Chapel, Sea Ranch, California.

The clothe Almost all of the clothing was handcrafted by artisans, mostly in Europe, with the exception of Mr. Paskey’s utilikilt, which he wore with a Guatemalan fabric waistcoat made by a woman in Germany and a blouse. Their boots were handcrafted in Greece; hers were turquoise with a purple stripe; hers were purple with a turquoise stripe. (Ms. Lenz’s hair is often dyed purple and turquoise, for the wedding it was even brighter.) The bride also wore a fairy crown made by a craftsman in Spain, adorned with antlers made on a 3D printer that represented the white deer they saw together, with a white felt coat with purple accents.

The promises Among the things they said in their vows were: “Cherish and enjoy your spirit, and only ask that you be your authentic self; bear witness, with total acceptance, to the radiant and imperfect beauty of this self, of who you have been, who you are today and who you will become; and be radically honest with yourself, with myself and with others and to hear the truth that you tell me.

Reception and after The next day, a few of Ms. Lenz’s family and friends treated the newlyweds to a surprise outdoor brunch outside at the Esherick Mini-Mod, a cabin at the Sea Ranch. On April 5, the couple left California – this time driving together – for Buffalo, where they now live.

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