FFVII Rebirth’s Patch 1.030 Fixes Impossible Side Quest

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Our long national nightmare is over. Square Enix updated Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and fixed, among other issues, a buggy and uncompleteable side quest found at the end of the game that prevented some players from obtaining the platinum trophy.

In February, Renaissance—the second opus of the gigantic game from Square Enix FF7 remake of the trilogy– launched exclusively on PS5. It’s a good modern (but probably also overstuffed) recreation of part of the original. Final Fantasy VII. However, after an update on March 20, a side quest known as “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” was discontinued. And because one of the conditions to obtain the platinum trophy on PS5 is to complete all the side quests, it suddenly became almost impossible unless you purchased the game physically, deleted it, then reinstalled it offline. Fortunately, Square Enix has finally fixed the problem. annoying bug.

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April 11Square Enix tweeted that update 1.030 is now available for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. And he specifically noted that he fixed the annoying side quest bug, adding: “Thank you for your patience and support!”

Although this update is very welcome, it is not entirely a surprise. We knew Square Enix intended to fix the broken Quest, as they confirmed on April 4. Still, it’s nice that I can finally finish this damn side quest and move on with my life.

Here is the full list of fixes for update 1.030:

  • Fixed the bug in the Chapter 12 side quest, “I Can’t Stop, I Won’t Stop”, which prevented progression even after completing the requirements for the G-Bike minigame.
    —Please note that you must complete the G-Bike mini-game again even if you have already completed the requirements.
    —Your quest progress will not be reset if you have already completed it
  • Fixed some issues occurring when performing the Intel Phenomenon in a specific order.
  • Fixed a rare bug that prevented a new challenge from unlocking in the Combat Simulator.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the romance level from increasing in certain circumstances, even if you made a relevant choice.
  • Fixed a bug where players were not receiving the Cactuar Crusher trophy even if they met the requirements.
  • Fixed a bug where when loading save data, under certain circumstances, bugs, crashes and inability to progress could occur
  • The functionality to load save data from FF7 Remake to use the most recently loaded save data when your save data has been loaded multiple times and has been updated
  • Fixed some display/visual bugs


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