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FC Nantes.  Michel Der Zakarian, an indelible mark in Nantes – FC Nantes

Ligue 1. FC Nantes – Stade Brestois, Wednesday (7 p.m.)

After returning to Beaujoire with Montpellier, Michel Der Zakarian is this time back with Stade Brestois. It is always a special moment for MDZ and the Nantes public. Nicolas Savinaud, pure product of the club (1990-2007), was still part of the Nantes workforce in 2006 when the Brest coach returned to FC Nantes as an assistant before being promoted to co-coach with Japhet N’Doram in 2007. “I have very good memories of it,” notes the irremovable midfielder.

Nicolas Savinaud: “the public recognized themselves in him and the team”

“He is a very upright, very honest, loyal person, which is not always the case in this environment,” continues Savinaud. Football level, he tries to ensure that his teams are always well organized. He is also a real leader of men. With less quality staff, he managed to have very good results, that was his strength. He is not recognized at his fair value at FC Nantes, especially on the way it went when he left. Michel knows how to look at himself in a mirror, he knows what he did for the club, he made it go up twice. Each time, he knew how to maintain it. The supporters have always been grateful to him. The team was really like him, she gave herself body and soul to each match and that’s also why the public recognized themselves in him and the team. He is a born competitor. When he’s on the bench he’s like when he was a player, he lives the game 100% and tries to communicate it. The clubs he went through correspond to his values. They know the character and the human qualities of Michel. Today, he is in Brest and the Stade Brestois does not have to regret that choice ”.

Yves Deroff: “like Kombouaré, he does not cheat”

The former right-back Yves Deroff, also from the yellow house (1994-2002), was not coached by the Franco-Armenian but he has often evolved in the face of his training. “In the Kita era, it’s not easy when you’re a coach”. A no-brainer. Since the arrival of Waldemar Kita at the head of the club in 2007, the club have known more than one coach per season. MDZ went after five seasons, a feat punctuated by two climbs and three holds! “He managed to do great things and to continue even if he left and returned, it’s still beautiful”, admits the former player passed by Strasbourg then Guingamp. “Like Antoine Kombouaré, he’s someone who doesn’t cheat. He is certainly and certainly linked to the Nantes club and attached to the city and its surroundings ”, he who was champion of France as a player with FC Nantes in 1983. Der Zakarian had underlined his attachment to the Nantes public when he left in 2016: “I don’t like tattoos but his supporters, they are forever engraved in my heart”.

The 2 CV and the Mercedes …

Thierry Tissot is the president of the Activ Nantes Supports supporters group. “Since the beginning of the Kita era, the one who left the best memories, however very ephemeral, is Sergio Conceiçao. But Michel left a special mark because he is a former member of the house (player at FC Nantes from 1979 to 1988). He took us up twice and held us up when we didn’t have colossal resources, we were even banned from recruiting. He couldn’t say goodbye as he wanted, because the sound system was turned on so that it wouldn’t be heard… It was also particularly hurtful when Kita compared it to a 2 CV and Claudio Ranieri to a Mercedes. “

“The majority of the Nantes public have deep respect for Michel Der Zakarian. Last season, Montpellier’s victory at La Beaujoire which sends us into play-offs is the very illustration of what FC Nantes is today. For us, supporters, and for MDZ, it’s the same. There is the FC Nantes institution that we all defend, tooth and nail … Behind, there is a management that owns this institution that does anything and we are rather happy when shit happens to them. “That day Michel Der Zakarian replied to” are you happy Michel? “From Kita:” I’m sad for FC Nantes, but I’m happy for you “. On Wednesday, he should, without a doubt, be applauded by the Nantes public.

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