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FC Lorient.  A point and promises for the Merlus in Montpellier – FC Lorient

Decidedly, this FC Lorient, at least when he can establish his confidence on a 5-4-1 that he now seems to master well, is no longer really that of the first part of the season. On Wednesday, Montpellier, yet a candidate for Europe but deprived of its best striker Delort, was not at the party on its own lawn. He even suffered seriously …

Grbic opens the scoring from the penalty spot

In La Mosson, the Merlus started out strong and were quickly rewarded for their audacity., Hilton hitting Laporte in the box and Grbic transforming the offering (0-1 sp, 9 ‘). Of course, the MHSC reacted. And even equalized. With some success since it was by inheriting a shot from Savanier that Mavididi was then able to catch Hergault at fault … before seeing his shot go between the legs of Gravillon and Dreyer (1-1, 28 ‘)!

Impactful Lauriente

But, even uncomfortable outside this season (only seven points taken out of 26 before this meeting), these Merlus were not let down: Lauriente offered another great opportunity to Grbic (30 ‘). At the conclusion of a great collective action, the slightly crushed strike from Mollet could have hurt the heads of Lorient but Dreyer was watching (36 ‘).

And, at the end of half-time, it was again these Lorientais, conquerors even outside their base, who were not far from regaining the upper hand. First by Grbic whose deviation was well understood by Omlin (43 ‘). Then by Abergel whose shot a little too centered was well captured by Omlin and who could also have shifted Hergault, alone to the right (44 ‘).

Goal denied for Moffi

When they left the locker room, it was again they who were the most ambitious. This was reflected in particular by two strikes from Laurienté, the first took off (53 ‘), the second ran aground very close to the right post of the Hérault porter (54’). Mendes had to stop irregularly Moffi who, on his first ball, seemed to take the path of goal. His second? Well served by Wissa, he turned it into a goal with a superb little dive (77 ‘). Logically canceled by the Var for a fault by Abergel on the interception …

Of course, the MHSC gradually put the foot on the ball in this second period but without really endangering the Hake releasing a beautiful serenity. And the latter have undoubtedly missed two points in the Hérault. But after those who had flown in the last seconds in Monaco, the one conquered was above all the confirmation of beautiful promises of a future less gloomy than the first six months of the season.

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