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FBI says rioters weren’t bogus Trump protesters

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Marjorie Taylor Greene demonizes high tech. She and her husband just sold up to $ 210,000 in tech stocks.

Drew Angerer / Getty When running for office, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) constantly upset tech giants like Facebook for supposedly censoring and silencing pro-Trump Republicans, and vowed to fight what she called the “Silicon Valley Cartel” after being elected to Congress. During her first two months on Capitol Hill, Greene intensified anti-tech rhetoric sharply. But soon after being sworn in, she quietly moved out to offload important stocks in the same companies she so vehemently denounced – freeing up a healthy sum in the process. According to her latest financial disclosure form, released on February 19, Greene and her husband sold between $ 49,000 and $ 210,000 in shares of Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon on January 20. value ranges, but it may have been up to $ 65,000 each for the four technology stocks. Some shares were jointly owned by the couple and others were owned only by her husband. Greene’s only other public financial disclosure form, filed in May 2020 while she was a candidate, lists joint or marital ownership of up to $ 65,000. in Apple Stock, $ 30,000 in Facebook Stock, $ 30,000 in Amazon Stock, and $ 15,000 in Google Stock. The couple sold those holdings in January at a profit – the official form shows capital gains over $ 200 – but the exact figure is unknown. their individual stock holdings to avoid conflicts of interest, perhaps the sale of Greene could be welcomed. But her financial disclosure report shows she remains invested in a number of other companies, from Fortune 500 giants like Goldman Sachs and Lockheed Martin to sports gambling platform DraftKings and clothing brand of Lululemon sport. later, she took advantage of tech companies she had excoriated for months as totalitarian tools of evil and social control. A spokesperson for Greene did not respond to requests for comment on her sale of shares and why she invested in the companies to start. Like many die-hard Trump Republicans, Greene has oriented his policies around “the culture of cancellation” and Big Tech’s alleged censorship of those promoting pro-Trump views. On her social media platforms, where she has hundreds of thousands of followers, Greene posts fresh and searing outrage about them almost daily on Facebook, which Greene and her husband sold for up to $ 65,000 in net on the 20th. January. , have been a constant target for her as a candidate and as a member of Congress. Last September, the platform deleted a post from Greene in which she posed with a gun next to images of the progressive “Squad”, on the grounds that it incites violence. The GOP candidate claimed she was canceled and now wears a face mask in Congress with the message “CENSORED.” At various times in 2020, Greene called Facebook racist for promoting a post aimed at supporting black-owned businesses during the holiday season and criticized him as anti-Semitic for censoring far-right Islamophobic provocative Laura Loomer. She also accused Facebook of allowing “ANTIFA” to carry out terrorist attacks and accused the social media platform of “canceling our children”. In October, when a Facebook spokesperson tweeted he would not link to a New York Post article on Hunter Biden, the Republican of Georgia indignantly tweeted that “the Silicon Valley cartel has taken over. First Amendment and tore it to shreds. ” “When I get to Congress,” Greene said, “Big Tech will be held accountable!” Ironically, in June 2020, investor Facebook publicly called on its thousands of subscribers to use a competitor instead. “For those of you who are fed up with being censored by Facebook,” she wrote, “I encourage you to open a Talk account today!” Greene has been less critical of the other tech companies she once owned, but she opposed the “Silicon Valley Cartel” leaves little room for nuance, especially given the dominance of Google, Amazon and Apple over the area. Marjorie Taylor Greene hangs anti-trans sign outside MP’s office with Trans Daughter Greene’s tech stock sales could be interpreted as a sign that she wanted to sever any financial ties with companies she is involved with. was so fiercely opposed. A spokesperson for Greene did not respond to questions about why she and her husband sold the shares when they did. Barely two weeks after selling her shares, however, Greene did called on like-minded conservatives to exploit the free market system to develop alternatives to the “Conservatives must unite to invest, grow and compete in Big Tech to protect our conservative values ​​and rhetoric from the endless cries of the thought police. This would give people the flexibility to choose which online ‘community’ they invest in, “Greene tweeted on February 7.” The Silicon Valley cartel controlling social media, free speech and even aiming to eliminating growing competition, like Parler, must be stopped. The way to stop it is on the open market, while we can still… ”For more, check out The Daily Beast. Get our best stories delivered to your inbox every day. Register now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

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