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FBI investigates police for throwing snow cones at homeless people

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Two officers from the Louisville, Kentucky Metro Police Department are under FBI investigation for allegedly throwing snow cones at homeless people.

Local broadcaster WLKY reported Thursday that LMPD chief Erika Shields revealed that the FBI had started investigating the officers.

She said she did not have details of the incident as it happened before she took charge of the department.

Ms Shields said she received very little information from the FBI, but suggested things were not going well for the police department.

“My feeling is that it will be another black eye on the department and that it is going to show very poor judgment from a few selected people on this department,” she said.

Ms Shields said the officers at the center of the investigation had not been suspended, but had been placed on “office duty” until the investigation was completed.

The chief suggested that a video of the attack exists, but said she had not seen it.

“It’s absolutely disgusting and disgusting and I hope no one finds excuses for this kind of behavior and I hope it’s the kind of thing that is treated with the kind of speed and seriousness that behavior is. justifies, “said Councilor Jessica Green.

Timothy Beam, spokesperson for the Louisville FBI office, told the Courier Journal that the agency was “investigating whether these incidents violated federal law,” but said he “could not” comment on the details of investigation.

Los Angeles police came under fire last month after a high-profile cleanup of Echo Park of its large homeless population.

Activists protested the city’s decision to wall up the park and drive out the more than 200 homeless people camping inside the park.

Homeless advocates said the group has formed a community where people can help each other and find some semblance of stability in the park.

However, the city’s mayor, Eric Garcetti, told broadcaster KTLA on March 26 that the park was becoming increasingly dangerous.

“Four people died in this park. Things keep growing. Women are abused, sexually exploited.”

City and county officials gave homeless people living in the camp the option of being transferred to shelters or residents through Project Roomkey, which provided shelter for people during the pandemic. Some accepted the city’s offer, while others chose to stay on the streets.

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