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FBI Director Wray says he is ‘appalled’ by violent siege on Capitol Hill

Wray faced calls for weeks to deal with the attack, but remained largely out of sight as FBI investigators launched a massive nationwide manhunt to track down and stop the rioters. Of more than 300 arrests, alleged infractions range from trespassing and obstructing Congress to conspiring and assaulting police officers. At least five people, including a police officer from the Capitol, have died as a result of the insurgency.

The effort also revealed increasingly dark and well-coordinated plans of extremist paramilitary groups supporting Trump, including the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers, dozens of whom descended on Washington and participated in the siege.

Wray’s remarks also come as lawmakers attempt to piece together the security gaps that allowed the violent mob to overtake police and occupy the Capitol until National Guard reinforcements arrived hours later. . Capitol Hill security officials said an FBI warning about the “war” posture of the groups gathered in Washington on January 6 has not reached the next level and has not been sufficiently vetted.

Wray said the local FBI office in Norfolk prepared a “situational” report on “raw, unverified, unsubstantiated” information that had been extracted from the material uploaded. This material was quickly shared with law enforcement partners. Capitol Police and Washington DC Metropolitan Police have indicated in previous hearings that they did not consider the material to be particularly urgent because it was not confirmed.

Wray said the information had been communicated in several ways, including electronically and verbally, “as quickly as possible.” He said it was broadcast “in accordance with our normal process”.

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