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Fauci says U.S. could see ‘a surge upon a surge’ in coronavirus cases

“We have to be careful now because there almost certainly is going to be an uptick because of what has happened with the travel,” Fauci said. “We understand the importance of families getting together, and it’s just something that we have to deal with that we likely will have an increase in cases as we get into the colder weeks of the winter and as we approach the Christmas season.”

The country may also see a surge upon a surge before the Christmas and New Years holidays as the weather gets colder, Fauci added, noting that travel restrictions and recommendations are likely to stay in place ahead of those holidays.

“Everyone is totally empathetic about the fatigue everyone is feeling, but If we can hang in there a bit longer and do the fundamental things — wearing a mask, avoiding crowds in congregate settings, keeping physical distance, washing your hands,” he said. “They seem simple in the enormity of the problem, but they do make a difference.”

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