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Fate: the Winx saga has finally found its flora for season 2

Flora will finally join the action on Destiny: The Winx Saga after last season’s casting controversy.

For those who missed it, the supernatural drama has been accused of bleaching after a new fairy Terra, played by the white actress Eliot salt, apparently replaced fan-favorite Latin fairy Flora. Ahead of the series’ January debut on Netflix, showrunner Brian young assured fans that Terra was Flora’s cousin, implying that the beloved fairy would appear in season two, if that happened.

In February, the series was renewed, leaving fans eager to hear from Flora. Well, five months later, as the show kicked off production for season two, Netflix revealed the actress who would put on Flora’s magical shoes: Paulina chavez. You may recognize Chavez from another Netflix show, The expanding universe of Ashley Garcia.

Several returning cast members including Hannah van der westhuysen, Precious Mustapha and Salt, have since given Chávez a warm welcome on social media. Not only did Mustapha call the new co-star an “absolute superstar”, but van der Westhuysen also praised her as “the most beautiful”.

As for the salt? She teased on her Instagram Story, “… and WAIT until you see the iconic and wonderful @paulinafchavez.”

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