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Farmers’ punch operation in Tréguier – Tréguier

This Wednesday, at the beginning of the evening, as announced in the press release from the Young Farmers of Côtes-d’Armor, eight tractors and trailers converged in a convoy towards the Super U of Tréguier, boulevard Jean-Guéhénno.

The managers, Franck and Valérie Boivin, were present to discuss the daily life of farmers in Trégor and the problems they encounter on the pricing policy applied in large and medium-sized stores.

This operation was part of a series of punch-down actions resulting from “non-constructive and unsatisfactory negotiations with central purchasing bodies”.

On site, Tristan Delisle, secretary general at JA 22 and rabbit breeder, expressed his annoyance: “We are constantly being asked to bring our farms up to standard. This has a cost for our operations but there is no repercussion on the prices applied ”. For farmers, the consensus signed within the framework of the Food Law (or Egalim) is not respected and the negotiations, started two months ago and still for a week, on the regulation of the prices applied in the shelves do not give them satisfaction.

“Today, a ton of milk is trading at 330 €. It barely covers our costs, we do not live from our production, ”explains Benoît Le Cozannet, a young milk producer.

Franck Boivin has undertaken to provide answers to the pricing policy applied by the group within approximately three weeks. An appointment recorded by Tristan Delisle.

The convoy left the scene an hour later and went to the parking lot of another supermarket, where they dumped tires and a waste trailer before negotiating with the manager, Mr. Cornec.

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