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farmers lead a punch action in the Creuse – RT in French

Farmers in the Creuse dumped manure in front of several symbolic places to demand the zero-rating of non-road diesel (GNR). The organizers of the action have announced an upcoming hardening of their movement.

“The peasants have nothing more to lose, the next time the movement will harden! And we will come back! ”, Indicated the Rural Coordination of Creuse (CR23), this union which organized on October 13 a punch action in front of several symbolic places, including the public finance center of the town of Aubusson where in particular was dumped manure in order to denounce the taxation of fuel for their activity. “Peasants wake up taxes are killing us!”, We can read in one of the posts published the same day on Facebook by the union.

“Our demands are clear” zero-rating of GNR “for our work tool as was done for fishermen,” wrote the CR23 on social networks, including in its publication several images of the action in question. We can see more than a dozen farmers wearing yellow vests, which was reminiscent of the movement of the same name, which had rocked the Hexagon at the end of 2018 precisely after the government announcement of taxes on fuel.

“The CR23 pays its taxes at the Aubusson tax hotel,” the agricultural union also commented to present several videos showing its punching action.

During the day, the same farmers also dumped manure around gas stations in the area, as other videos testify. They have also invested in roads including a roundabout.

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