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The fantasy football Twitter account, at the center of the leaked team information, has agreed to withhold the identities of behind-the-scenes staff at 20 Premier League clubs.

Norwegian company @insider_fpl – which follows the fantasy football teams of Premier League players and staff – grabbed the headlines after revealing that several members of the Aston Villa squad and a club physio took out Jack Grealish of their fantastic starting XI ahead of their game against Leicester. February 21.

No news regarding Grealish’s potential absence had been made public by the club, but when the teams were announced Grealish was out due to injury.

Villa manager Dean Smith was unhappy with the way the news of his captain’s fitness issue had become public and promised an investigation.

Although @insider_fpl no longer publishes the names of backroom staff with Fantasy Premier League accounts, it will continue to indicate which club a particular account is linked to.

Player names will continue to be revealed.

Accounts belonging to a Premier League performance analyst, club doctor, kit man and even club boss all continue to feature on @ insider_fpl’s timeline.

Despite concerns about the release of sensitive information, many Premier League player accounts continue to feature as well.

Diogo Jota transferring Adrian into his starting XI ahead of Liverpool’s trip to Sheffield United last weekend has come to light. The goalkeeper then made his first start for the club since October when they won 2-0.

Liverpool’s Diogo Jota placed Adrian in his fantastic squad ahead of last weekend’s games – the keeper duly made his first start since October

Less than a month after it went live, @insider_fpl has highlighted a hundred transfers in and out of fantasy teams belonging to players and staff.

The monitoring of so many fantasy football accounts owned by club staff has led several Premier League clubs to discuss how best to ensure that no clues are offered to their opposition.

Players and staff do not break any league rules or regulations when playing Fantasy Premier League, which has over seven million participants worldwide.

But it is believed the problem could continue to worsen as more accounts belonging to players and staff are identified and tracked online.

One solution could be for clubs to ask players and staff not to choose their club’s players from their fantasy side.

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