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Fan ownership: MPs back letter calling for UK model adoption |  Football News

More than 60 MPs and peers have supported a letter to sports secretary Oliver Dowden calling for legislation to allow a fan ownership model for football clubs in the UK.

Among the signatories of the letter, written by MP Kate Osborne, are Jeremy Corbyn, Caroline Lucas and Diane Abbott.

He calls for the introduction of a 50 + 1 fan ownership model, similar to that seen in Germany.

Support for the letter grew after the failed European Super League breakaway by six Premier League clubs: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham.

The letter reads: “We are writing to call on the government to commit now to legislation to secure the future of our national game in the next Queen’s Speech.

MP Kate Osborne called for 50 + 1 fan ownership model

“The failed decision by six of England’s biggest clubs to be part of a ‘European Super League’ has highlighted how little control we as a nation have over our domestic game, and we know the threat has not gone away. The Almost Done in the Football Community shows that change is needed. We believe this moment must serve as a catalyst to give fans a genuine interest in their own clubs. “

In practice, season ticket holders from a football club would hold a 51% stake, with a vote on any major change requiring a 51% majority for approval. The 50 + 1 model means supporters can vote for club investors, allowing supporters to democratically control their club

The letter said it was encouraging to hear the fan-led review on football governance, chaired by MP Tracey Crouch, will consider the German fan ownership model.

Fan ownership: MPs back letter calling for UK model adoption |  Football News
Fans of clubs in Germany have 51% of the voting rights

On Monday, Dowden announced that he had “no other choice” but to act quickly and launch the government’s manifest commitment to the magazine.

It will examine the potential for changes in ownership models, governance, the way funding flows in the game and how to give supporters a greater say in the management of the game.

The review will aim to:

  • Assess current control of club finances and administrative reports
  • Evaluate financial flows across the entire football pyramid
  • Examine the geographical, historical and identity protections of the clubs
  • Examine club interests and league systems and how these interact within the pyramid

Crouch will meet regularly with Sports Minister Nigel Huddlestone before making final recommendations on actions that can and should be taken and how they should be implemented.

The report will then be presented to Huddlestone, Dowden and the Football Association before being presented to Parliament.

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