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Family of 10-year-old boy shot in the head in Minneapolis says ‘he’s going to fight this’ – WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A 10-year-old boy who was shot in the head in Minneapolis continues to show signs that he is a fighter.

The Garrett Jr. plane was in the back seat of his parents’ car on Friday afternoon near North 34th and Morgan avenues when he was struck.

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Outside of North Memorial Health Hospital, Garrett’s family – including his mother Dorice Jackson and father Ladavionne Garrett – watch over a hospital room where their precious son is fighting for his life.

“He didn’t deserve this, I can tell you that,” Garrett said. “I never imagined that in my life.”

Overnight, Garrett Jr. moved out – giving more hope than his family had had in days.

Ladavionne Garrett Jr. (credit: Ladavionne Garrett)

“I started rubbing his feet, you know, just talking to him, you know, letting him know it’s going to be okay, and he just has to move his leg, like his foot,” Garrett said.

Junior, as he is called, loves school and loves to dress up. In fact, her family often dresses the same. More than anything, he loves his video game system and takes his TV and his game with him wherever he goes.

“We do everything together,” Garrett said. “He’s my son, I love him, man.”

Life changed for this family of three in an instant.

“When all of this happened, my son had his game in the backseat and his TV with him,” Garrett said.

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They live in St. Cloud and Junior wanted to come north from Minneapolis to spend time with his grandmother.

“I took him to school to take him up north to his grandmother’s house, and when we got there… gunshots came out,” Jackson said.

Junior was rushed to hospital, and it was inside the emergency room that his parents learned their child was a fighter.

Family of 10-year-old boy shot in the head in Minneapolis says ‘he’s going to fight this’ – WCCO

Dorice Jackson and Ladavionne Garrett (credit: CBS)

“Before having this surgery, he tried to get the tube out of his mouth and he said it hurt,” Jackson said. “I know my son is strong, he will fight this.”

This couple is grateful for the support of their family and friends.

“We just want prayers, man. That’s all we want, prayers, ”Garrett said.

More than anything, they look forward to the day when Junior returns home to play video games.

“He’s strong, he’s strong, he’s coming home for sure,” Garrett Sr. said.

Both parents know that the road to their son’s recovery will be long.

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A GoFundMe site has been set up to help them with their expenses along the way.


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