Fallout 4’s free PS5 upgrade isn’t currently free with the PS Plus version

UPDATE 11:40 p.m.: Bethesda has taken to social media to clear up what it calls “confusion” over which versions of Fallout 4 on PlayStation are eligible for the free PS5 upgrade.

“We’ve seen some confusion regarding Fallout 4’s free next-gen update for PlayStation Plus Extra members,” the developer wrote on Twitter/X. “The next-gen update for Fallout 4 will be available to PlayStation Plus Extra members through the PlayStation Game Catalog. Your patience is appreciated while the teams work on this.”

While this is certainly good news for PlayStation Plus subscribers who acquired Fallout 4 through the service’s Extra tier catalog, things are less certain for those who got their copy through the PS Plus collection offered to new PlayStation owners 5.

“The Fallout 4 Next-Gen update will be available for PS+ Extra members,” a second message from Bethesda added. “We have no information regarding the PS5 or PS+ Essentials catalog.”

ORIGINAL STORY 6:29 p.m.: Today is the day Bethesda’s long-in-the-making Fallout 4 next-gen update debuts, introducing native versions of the post-apocalyptic RPG for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. However, PlayStation users who acquired Fallout 4 through PlayStation Plus are reporting that they cannot access the free PS5 upgrade and are being advised to purchase it instead.

As spotted by IGN, everything works as expected for PlayStation users with a purchased version of Fallout 4 linked to their PSN account – they can access the free PS5 upgrade as expected – but those with the version PlayStation Plus in their libraries are. no, and instead see the PS5 edition listed at £15.99. This is in notable contrast to Xbox Game Pass, where subscribers can access the native Xbox Series X/S version of Fallout 4 starting today.

It’s currently unclear whether this is an intentional move on the part of Microsoft-owned Bethesda, or whether it’s simply an unforeseen quirk of Sony’s PlayStation Plus setup; a Bethesda representative told Discord users that they are “still investigating” whether the free PS5 upgrade should be available to PS Plus subscribers, and Eurogamer has reached out to Bethesda for clarification on the situation.

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Alongside the native versions of Fallout 4 for Xbox Series Today’s free update adds a range of new features to previous generation PC and console versions.

PC players get support for wide and ultra-wide displays, as well as Creation Kit fixes and a variety of quest updates. There is also a Steam Deck check. All versions of Fallout 4, including the original PS4 and Xbox One versions, are getting free Creation Club items as part of the update, along with the Makeshift Weapons Pack – adding a baseball pitcher and a nail gun – and new echoes of the past. quest, focusing on the Enclave.

Fallout 4’s next-gen update arrives amid renewed interest in Bethesda’s long-running RPG series, thanks to the resounding success of Amazon’s popular live-action adaptation. Fallout 76, much criticized when it was released but in better shape now, is also having a bit of a moment.

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