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Falcon and Winter Soldier’s best bromance moments

Couple therapy

As part of Bucky’s court-mandated therapy, her therapist had the couple do couples therapy exercises. It required them to face each other, sit as close to each other as possible, and look each other in the eye. Of course, it wasn’t meant to be a staring contest, but if you ask Sam, that’s all Bucky is capable of. It wasn’t meant to be just a little romantic either, but hey … it was.

Then they had to share their feelings for each other, and it turned out that they both felt very sensitive to Steve’s legacy. Buck doesn’t want Steve to have been wrong in believing in either, and Sam just did what he thought was right by giving the shield away.

These two have come this far and we are so proud. Let’s wish them luck in the competition for the best duet at the MTV Movie and TV Awards, which airs Sunday, May 16 on MTV.

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