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Faced with health measures, the far right tries to capture the anger

The rumors around a possible third confinement, which punctuated the whole week, arouse in the French still confused feelings, between resignation and anger. Popularized on social networks where some call for not respecting sanitary measures that day, Monday 1er February could be a first barometer towards the beginning of civil disobedience, to which restorers are calling in the first place.

On the side of a part of the extreme right, we intend to take advantage of the movement with in mind the memory of the “yellow vests” and the wish not to miss a possible social mobilization.

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Jean-Frédéric Poisson, candidate for the 2016 right-wing primary and who announced his candidacy for 2022, was the most direct. He frankly called on CNews on January 27 for civil disobedience. “The rules of this government are absurd and we must start to disobey these rules, declared the leader of the small party VIA, the way of the people, resulting from the Christian Democratic Party (PCD) of Christine Boutin. Moreover, our constitutional bloc recognizes the right to resist oppression. “

He believes that wearing the mask in the street ” no use “, that the closure of restaurants is “Absurd”, and that confinement at 6 p.m. “Has no health effect”. He calls to react against this “A form of oppression which justifies that the French begin to disobey the absurd, iniquitous, incomprehensible rules that the government imposes on us”.

The caution of the RN

For his part, Florian Philippot, the leader of the Patriots, demonstrates every Saturday in front of the Ministry of Health against “The health dictatorship” and “A policy that is pseudoscience and charlatanism, as are confinements and curfews”. “No one has shown me that this containment policy had the slightest effect on reducing the epidemic, said the former number two of the National Front on FranceTVinfo. We must stop closing off France, stop this carnage, in terms of economy, social, but also psychological carnage for many people, democratic carnage for our freedoms. “

François Asselineau, for the Republican Popular Union (UPR), is on the same wavelength and calls for the dismissal of the Head of State, a hypothesis that Nicolas Dupont-Aignan is considering in turn. “There is an urgent need to change policy before the popular explosion, declared the president of Debout la France on January 28. Certainly it “Don’t want us to come to this” because he is “Respectful of institutions”. But “At a time, when orders are stupid and ineffective, the people rebel”, warned the deputy for Essonne, who has already demonstrated alongside Florian Philippot near the Ministry of Health.

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