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Facebook says Trump can’t get around ban through stepdaughter’s account – TechCrunch

Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump promoted a new interview with the former president on Facebook and Instagram on Tuesday, but a workaround to Trump’s ban on two of the world’s most popular social networks failed not been long for this world.

She was apparently quickly warned by Facebook that anything posted “in President Trump’s voice” is currently not allowed on Facebook or Instagram and could be removed. Trump himself remains banned on Facebook pending a decision from the Supervisory Board, the external governance body the company has set up to tackle the platform’s thorniest policy decisions.

These rules apply to all accounts or pages associated with the Trump campaign as well as any membership of former campaign surrogates, two categories to which Lara Trump’s account falls. Facebook confirmed to TechCrunch that the screenshots depicting company emails are legitimate.

Facebook still makes a news exemption for Trump, probably for something closer to a 60-minute interview, but in this case he was being interviewed by someone involved in his campaign who then planned to promote the video on an account. associated with the campaign.

While Facebook won’t host the video itself, Lara Trump went for a workaround, linking to the interview on Rumble, a video-sharing website that has seen an influx of Trump supporters. at the end of last year.

She also posted the video on The Right View, an online show previously produced by the Trump campaign that the Washington Post describes as “kind of a pro-Trump response to ABC’s’ The View.”

Fox News announced this week that it will bring Lara Trump into the fold, hiring the Trump family member as a paid contributor.

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