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Extinction Rebellion activists chained to the gates of the Assembly – RT in French

Activists of Extinction Rebellion led an action in front of the National Assembly to denounce the climate law which they consider incomplete by chaining themselves in particular to the gates of the building. They received the support of several elected officials from the left.

On May 4, a dozen Extinction Rebellion activists chained themselves to the gates of the National Assembly to express their opposition to the Climate Law, which they considered insufficient. On the images of our reporter Katia Pecnik, we can see the militants chained and perched between the columns of the imposing building, all under the surveillance of the police.

According to AFP, 12 keys to the padlocks hindering the activists were symbolically sent to ministers, including that of the Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili or that of Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, as well as to deputies to “release” them.

Present on the spot, several deputies including rebellious Ugo Bernalicis, Eric Coquerel or even Caroline Fiat who joined the demonstrators, tangled up on the ground as support. At the microphone of RT France, the deputy LFI Alexis Corbières denounced a text of “political display and insufficiency”, in the sights of his group which will vote against. Former macronist Matthieu Orphelin was also present, as was member of the Citizen’s Climate Convention William Aucant, AFP reported.

On the side of the Executive, we defend the project, considered realistic: “Rather than making big sentences, having immense objectives, which in the end end in nothing because they lead to a social revolt, we are setting up demanding measures ”, for her part declared the Minister of Ecological Transition to the Assembly, questioned on the demonstration by the LFI deputy Adrien Quatennens.

The movement of yellow vests had indeed had as a detonator the increase in taxes on fuel. Recently Emmanuel Macron felt that the increase in this tax had been a “mistake” and that it was necessary “to help the middle classes and modest households” in the ecological transition.

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