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Exhausted, Lalanne leaves the TPMP stage during a debate on the health crisis – RT in French

Francis Lalanne left the set of the TPMP show on January 26 during a debate on the management of the covid-19 crisis. “We prevented the French from having access to early treatments” other than the vaccine, he defends.

Singer Francis Lalanne left the stage of the program Touche pas à mon poste (TPMP) presented by Cyril Hanouna on January 26, 2021 during a debate on the health crisis. The doctor and columnist Jimmy Mohamed assures at first: “I have no conflict of interest with any laboratory or for the government, that allows me to say that when I speak to you, I speak in complete independence. “. He then said he was “a little dismayed” by the words of Francis Lalanne who had just questioned the neutrality of certain doctors paid, according to him, by the pharmaceutical industry.

In response, the artist simply says “goodbye” and heads for the studio exit. He returns. “I didn’t come to talk about this, I’m not a doctor. The French were prevented from having access to early treatment. The Prime Minister says there is no early treatment, which is wrong. Today the Prime Minister says that apart from vaccines there is no other solution. I know that there are a lot of people who absolutely want to believe that, I say that you shouldn’t believe that. ”

Doctor’s response: “In terms of early treatment, the first thing you can do is put on your mask in the hallways, instead of walking around without a mask.”

Francis Lalanne calls for the dismissal of Emmanuel Macron

On January 22, 2021, Francis Lalanne took up his pen to write a long text entitled “J’appelle”, seeming to refer to “J’accuse” by Emile Zola in Dawn.

This tribune published in the columns of FranceEvening is a “call for the general mobilization of the French people against tyranny” brought about by the restrictions linked to the pandemic. Francis Lalanne assures us that the Republic is “struck with nullity; canceled by the totalitarian exercise of power practiced today by the executive ”.

The artist invokes article 68 of the Constitution which provides for the dismissal of the Head of State by the Parliament constituted as the High Court in the event of “breach of his duties manifestly incompatible with the exercise of his mandate”.

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