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EXCLUSIVE – Olivier Véran announces € 100 million for the Saint-Malo and Dinan hospital project – Brittany

Failing to give a place, the minister gave a horizon: 2027. On that date, according to Olivier Véran, the future hospital which crystallizes as many challenges as uncertainties in the Dinan-Saint-Malo territory, will be operational.

An opening of 120 to 150 beds for follow-up care and rehabilitation.

Within the confines of this “technical platform”, “an emergency department, conventional hospitalization, an interventional and operating platform, as well as critical care, and therefore resuscitation” will be offered.

Olivier Véran, Minister of Health. (AFP photo)

The scales are tilting towards Saint-Malo

For the precise location of this new equipment, we will have to wait a little longer. The “near Saint-Malo” seems to hold the cord, thus removing the possibility of an establishment halfway between the two cities. The mayor of the corsair city, Gilles Lurton, goes without detour: “I will defend the interests of Saint-Malo without neglecting the others”. His counterpart, in Dinan, Didier Lechien, did not wish to react immediately.

In this vast three-band project, the hospitals of Dinan and Saint-Malo will be restructured and their services reorganized in order to avoid “a mirror offer of care”, justifies the minister, in favor of complementarity between the different sites. The idea is to restore the budgetary imbalance and guarantee the quality of care. Side jobs, the subject remains elusive, even if “120 to 150 beds of follow-up care and rehabilitation” should open.

EXCLUSIVE – Olivier Véran announces € 100 million for the Saint-Malo and Dinan hospital project – Brittany
The Saint-Malo hospital center will probably become a city-hospital site.

Modernized and restructured Dinan

That of Dinan will be renovated with maintenance of emergencies, 24-hour SMUR, outpatient surgery, perinatal offer, or even rehabilitation care, and relocation of nursing training (IFSI). That of Saint-Malo, “dilapidated”, will be converted into a city-hospital site. No demolition in sight but the relocation of services (surgery) to the third facility.

The global budget of 400 million euros, supported to the tune of “100 million by the State, thanks to Ségur de la santé investment plan », Appears to have been recorded. “The word is kept,” says MP Hervé Berville (LREM) from Dinan. We must salute the political will of the State and its unprecedented and massive commitment to support our territory ”.

Place for local implementation

“It now remains for the actors in the field, doctors, caregivers, administrations, elected officials, to specify the organization they wish to retain for this beautiful working tool that will constitute their hospital group”, underlines Olivier Véran who, on April 6, announced state funding of € 240 million to modernize, on the same principle, the Bordeaux University Hospital (total budget of € 1.2 billion).

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