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Exclusive — Filmmaker Thierry Cagianut on “Mother Teresa & Me”

Thierry Cagianut, the filmmaker and producer behind the upcoming film Mother Teresa and Isaid Breitbart News Saturday that the film aims to “inspire people” to bring small acts of kindness and compassion into an increasingly dark world.

The film, Cagianut explained, tells the fictional story of an Indian woman, Kavita, who finds herself with an unexpected pregnancy. She is abandoned by her boyfriend and is “deaf, desperate (and) confused” and even considers having an abortion. The pressures of life pile up and she returns to her town in India to “find herself,” in contact with her nanny. Her nanny shared stories about Mother Teresa’s work in Calcutta. Thanks to her nanny, Kavita “meets” Mother Teresa and feels inspired.

“And through her, she meets, you know, Mother Teresa, because everyone who, I would say, is 30 years old today has no memory of Mother Teresa. They may have heard of her, but they don’t really know who she was,” Cagianut said.

“The nanny, she works with the Missionaries of Charity in the house of the dying, so she found out about this and chose to read the letter that Mother Teresa had left where she talks about her feeling abandoned by Jesus. She felt abandoned by Jesus and she called that, you know, this darkness that she felt,” he continued, explaining that Kavita felt a “kinship with Mother Teresa” and began working there— down and finally began to change his life.

Cagianut said he hoped the film’s characters would also inspire more people, because Mother Teresa was a human who sometimes felt like she was losing her faith, but continued on and inspired “countless other people.”

“And today, where so many people feel like victims, you know, and that kind of mentality: ‘You’re a victim, don’t do anything about it,’ you know? To see this example, know that you have to fight, stand up, do it, you know, and take care of others. You know, it’s a very inspiring message for everyone, from all walks of life, whether you’re a believer or not. And that’s what inspired us,” he continued, detailing Mother Teresa’s life of honoring Jesus’ charge and caring for the “poorest of the poor.”


“Because when people see how much she suffered, and despite the suffering, she continues to seek God. She continued to desire, she continued to work and she essentially sought Jesus in the poor. So – and we’re trying to bring this spirit of Mother Teresa into the world because in today’s world, you know, war, internal conflict – (it’s) almost all bad news,” he said. he said, adding that everyone can be inspired and show Jesus in their own lives through acts of kindness and compassion towards others.

“No matter what, you can help someone cross the street. You can help someone with their shopping. You don’t have to do big things, you know. She said, you know, do small acts, do small acts. But in the eyes of God, they’re great, you know, because everything is great,” he said, adding that “the idealistic goal behind this film is to inspire people to do very small acts of kindness ” and to show “love and love”. compassion.”

“And that’s the really big goal,” he added.

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