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Exchanges of fire in a district of Valence, around forty CRS deployed – RT in French

“Impacts of bullets and 9 mm casings were found”, explained the sub-prefect of Drôme. Police officers were the target of stone throwing in the same neighborhood during the same evening, while accompanying firefighters.

Several dozen CRS were deployed on the evening of May 1 in the Fontbarlettes district in Valence, after nightly violence between young people the day before, during which shots were fired, the Drôme prefecture said in a press release. quoted by AFP.

This violence would take place in drug trafficking in the city according to our colleagues from France Bleu. The prefecture was speaking after the broadcast of an amateur video on Snapchat showing a dozen individuals dressed in black, hoods over their heads and masks, cursing a rival group in the parking lot of a building, while gunshots are drawn. One of them is even filmed aiming with a handgun behind a car.

“Impacts of bullets and 9 mm casings were found,” said the sub-prefect of Drôme Bertrand Duclos, taken up by AFP, who evokes “a dispute” between a young person from the Plan district and a group of Fontbarlettes district “against a background of drug trafficking”.

Deployment of a “quarantine” of CRS

“I want to condemn in the strongest way these acts as scandalous as they are unjustifiable and show the most total determination to give this case the legal follow-up it deserves,” he said in the press release. “The perpetrators of these particularly serious acts will be identified and brought to justice”, he added, stressing that “no one was injured” during this violence “which was not the subject of specific calls to the national police, which could not intervene to put an end to it ”.

Following this violent episode, “forty” CRS were deployed to reinforce the local police force in this district where, during the same night, the police would have been the target of mortar fireworks by approximately forty individuals as she accompanied firefighters coming to the aid of a person who was unwell, according to local radio.

“There is an ‘absolute state of emergency’ in our neighborhoods,” the LR mayor of Valence, Nicolas Daragon, said in a statement. “With the same determination, the State must act today to guarantee the security of all, before it is too late!” As part of the announcements of the President of the Republic on reinforcements in the national police, 15 additional agents must be assigned “probably in September” to the constituency of Valence which now has nearly 200 agents, according to the prefecture.

On Twitter, the Union of Internal Security Executives reacted: “No, this is not the shooting of a film but the reality in certain neighborhoods. Impressive images of a shooting in Valence in the district of Fonbarlettes where the police recently arrested drug traffickers. “

The president of the National Rally, Marine Le Pen, has it, on the same social network, denounced symptomatic images “of the disintegration of the State and the rise in power of barbarians who are certain of impunity”. “Can we imagine five more years of this chaos with Macron?” She added.

CRS were also deployed on May 1 in the Monnaie district in Romans-sur-Isère, about twenty kilometers north-east of Valence, where violence has been observed “for a few days”. On the same night of April 30 to May 1, police officers were reportedly victims of stone throwing and mortar fire from a group of around thirty young people, reports France Bleu, while they were intervening on the edge of the neighborhood. de la Monnaie where a CCTV camera pylon had just been sawn off.

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