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exasperated Italian restaurateurs brave sanitary restrictions (IMAGES) – RT en français

Hit hard by lingering health restrictions, restaurant owners in several countries are struggling to see the end of the tunnel. In Italy, thousands of them have announced that they want to join the #Ioapro movement: “Me, I open”.

As evidenced by many amateur videos posted in recent days on social networks, Italian restaurateurs have announced their intention to participate in the movement “Me, I open”, through which many of them have, from the 15th January 2021, decided to welcome their customers despite the health restrictions in force.

“Thousands of exasperated restaurateurs have opened despite the ban”, reported the same day the antenna of France Televisions based in Rome, its correspondent on the spot estimating “from 30,000 to 50,000” the number of restaurateurs who would defy the bans .

“Mass civil disobedience in progress, there are nearly 100,000 memberships, it’s wonderful! Starting Friday, restaurateurs will open across Italy for lunch and dinner, regardless of the decisions of the Conte government. Patience is over ”, we could already read a few days earlier in commentary on a video showing an Italian restaurateur preparing for the movement in the city of Sassuolo.

The #Ioapro hashtag emerged along with many other videos showing catering professionals welcoming their customers, all in a festive atmosphere.

Customers have eaten on January 15 in a Milan establishment when its owner opened its doors to the public after 6 p.m., as part of the national demonstration against the restrictions, testifies for its part the Reuters news agency, image in l ‘support.

The same goes for Venice where a family is seated here in a restaurant in the city on the same day.

The phenomenon would however be more limited in other cities. “#Ioapro: the demonstration of restaurateurs is a failure”, headlined for example the daily La Repubblica concerning the situation in Bologna. “The protest of bars and restaurateurs with some die-hards: [le quartier milanais de] Navigli obeys the rules, a full bar in Corso Sempione, ”the daily reported on Milan.

“Simultaneously with those who have opened, many restaurants that had initially announced their membership [au mouvement] finally decided not to protest given the calls from mayors and threats of sanctions from the prefecture. Inland, in Cairo Montenotte, some restaurateurs have decided to participate in a symbolic way by keeping the lights on and the door open, but without really serving customers ”, nuance for its part the Italian press agency Ansa.

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