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evictions of HLM tenants facilitated in the event of conviction for trafficking or assault – RT in French

A new regulation makes it easier for social landlords to evict an entire household if one of its members has been convicted of trafficking, assault or incivility. “No social housing for the enemies of the Republic”, justifies the town hall.

The HLMs of Nice are living at the time of a new regulation facilitating the eviction of a household in the event of conviction of the tenant or of a person living under his roof, in particular for drug trafficking. If the aim of the initiative is to bring back “peace”, some NGOs fear “collective punishment”.

In a city where it takes about ten years to wait for social housing, one of the longest delays in France according to the Abbé Pierre Foundation, the main social landlord, Côte d’Azur Habitat, which manages more than 20 000 homes, has multiplied eviction procedures in six months. “We mark a simple principle: no social housing for the enemies of the Republic […] for those who attack the police officers, attack the agents, who repeatedly commit drug trafficking where we know that a minority hinders an exasperated and silent majority ”, defends Anthony Borré, first deputy mayor LR of Nice Christian Estrosi and president of Côte d’Azur Habitat.

Depending on the seriousness of the breach of the regulations (traffic, assault, incivility), the tenant will receive a formal notice followed by a summons for a call to order or will be directly the subject of a complaint. If it does not start on its own, the procedure for terminating the lease will be passed on to the appreciation of a civil judge who will decide. To complete this, the town hall has voted with the Nice prosecutor’s office and the Alpes-Maritimes prefecture an agreement that allows the HLM office to be informed of the criminal conviction of a tenant or a person living at his address. and initiate a procedure. “This convention will make it possible to systematize, to go further and to accelerate”, explained Anthony Borré, announcing at the same time the recruitment of new sworn guards. Lease termination procedures were already in progress but in a limited way, around fifty between 2016 and 2019, against 52 since the new regulation.

Is collective punishment the right answer?

The measure, which makes a part of the Nice left jump, without elected to the city council, was voted in a relative consensus on March 25. “Thirteen years to finally dare to undertake what the law allows,” quipped Odile Tixier de Gubernatis of the National Rally (RN), the main opposition to Christian Estrosi, reading the testimony of residents faced with points of deal and reprisals. “We see a laudable objective, the tranquility of the inhabitants”, launched Juliette Chesnel-Leroux for the environmental group, which however abstained, citing the risk for the confidentiality of data and fearing that private donors do not claim them. same rights. The agreement provides for the transmission to the HLM office of criminal convictions but also of the simple handrails of the police forces, she was moved.

“Imagine a family with a teenager behaving badly. Is collective punishment the right answer? It is unfair and quite aberrant for the other occupants ”, not condemned but targeted by the expulsion, even“ irresponsible ”, according to the regional director of the Abbé Pierre Foundation, Florent Houdmon.

“I am not denying the right to safety. There are families who suffer from the lack of police presence and prevention actions, but when this household has left their low-cost housing, we will find them elsewhere in degraded condominiums in the private park. The answer is in repression and prevention. Linking that to the right to housing is complicated, ”he says.

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