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Even Meghan Trainor is blown away by her prominent ‘Crew’ mum


“I told my husband last night [Daryl Sabara], I was like, ‘Well, when we get the triplets …’ And he says, ‘Triplets ?!’ “Meghan remembers.” I want as many as I can get in, you know? 2-in-1 sounds great. I don’t want like six pregnancies, I want six kids somehow. My husband is also a twin, so I tell myself that it must be somewhere in us. ”

But, right now, Meghan is part of a different trio: that of E! The shock of the cover bands judges’ table next door Adam lambert and Ester Dean.

“We’re judging on vocal impressions, physical embodiment and overall performance, whether you liked it or not,” Meghan noted. “There are a lot of things that we look at, but after the first round we really want them to win.”

Watch the full interview to hear the kind of “star quality” Adam judges on and find out why the host Stephen “tWitch” Boss seeks the approval of his own children!

The shock of the cover bands premieres tonight at 9:30 p.m. on E !.