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European Parliament wants legal equality for same-sex unions across the EU – RT en français

MEPs adopted a text on 14 September demanding that all member states harmonize their rules on homosexual union, in particular so that spouses can enjoy the same rights throughout the EU.

MEPs demanded, in a text adopted on September 14, that same-sex couples should be able to enjoy the same rights as others throughout the European Union, in particular in terms of freedom of movement and family reunification.

“Marriages or partnerships registered in one member state should be recognized in all others in a uniform manner, and same-sex spouses and partners should be treated the same as their opposite-sex counterparts”, asked MEPs, in a non-binding text adopted by 387 votes (161 against and 123 abstentions) during a plenary session in Strasbourg.

MEPs also demand that “rainbow families benefit from the same rights to family reunification as opposite-sex couples and their families”. These families must “be treated the same across the EU” when moving from one Member State to another.

According to a study commissioned by the European Parliament in March 2021, six Member States do not recognize a same-sex spouse from another Member State for the granting of a residence permit and in eleven countries, the legal parents of a child cannot be two women or two men. Thus, the filiation of both parents will not be recognized for homosexual families arriving from another Member State.

In the text voted on, MEPs point the finger at Romania, Poland and Hungary. Bucharest for not having transposed into its legislation a judgment of the European Court of Justice on the free movement of same-sex spouses, and Warsaw and Budapest for “the discrimination faced by LGBTIQ communities”.

“Parliament calls on the EU to take additional measures (infringement procedures, legal remedies and sanctions affecting European funds) against these countries”, we can also read in this text voted by MEPs.

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