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Europe pleads – and prays – for a measured response from Israel – POLITICO

“Instead of making accusations against Iran, (Western) countries should blame themselves and answer to public opinion for the measures they have taken against the war crimes committed by Israel” in its campaign against Hamas in Gaza, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said. .

According to the Times of Israel, Netanyahu’s war cabinet has not yet made a decision on how it should respond. Politicians in several European capitals took to the airwaves to clearly express their fear that tit-for-tat attacks could degenerate into a full-blown regional war.

Sunak’s top diplomat, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron, has already launched diplomatic action aimed at preventing such an outcome, speaking this weekend to his counterparts in Iran, Israel, the United States, in Germany, Jordan and Turkey. Cameron is expected to visit Israel in person this week.

“Take the victory”

Speaking to Times Radio on Monday, Cameron called on Israel to “take victory and then move on” – apparently imitating language used by US President Joe Biden.

“We are very keen to avoid an escalation and to say to our friends in Israel that now is the time to think with the head as well as the heart,” Cameron said. “The smart thing to do, but also the hard thing to do now, is not to escalate.”

According to several American media outlets, Biden made it clear to Netanyahu that the United States would not join any Israeli counterattack against Iran.


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