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EU summons six states to explain their traffic restrictions – RT in French

The European Commission has called on Germany, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Hungary and Denmark to explain the restrictions on movement at their borders. Brussels warns of a “risk of fragmentation”.

The traffic restriction measures taken by Germany, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Hungary and Denmark as part of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, still displeases Brussels.

In a letter sent on February 22, the European Commission alerted these states to a “risk of fragmentation, of obstacles to free movement [et] disruption of the production chain ”, before asking the countries cited to explain themselves within ten days, AFP reports. The EU executive further called on them to take “non-discriminatory and proportionate” restrictions and “align” with common recommendations approved by all 27 member countries.

Second call to order

In another letter sent the previous week to all member states, the Commission had already urged the 27 to avoid border closures and general travel bans.

In Belgium, all non-essential travel to and from the country has been banned since January 27. The measure, extended until April 1, is considered problematic by the Commission, which accuses it of ignoring the epidemiological situation of the regions of origin or destination.

For its part, Germany has been drastically filtering passages with the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austrian Tyrol since mid-February to contain variants of the virus. Cross-border commuters and truck drivers can only take a very recent PCR test. However, in the letter sent Monday to the German ambassador to the EU and consulted by AFP, the Commission criticizes the device, observing that the distribution of variants is not worse in Slovakia or the Czech Republic than in other countries. other States of the Union.

It is in this context that a videoconference summit on the coordination of the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic will be held on February 25 and 26.

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