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EU makes public its contract with AstraZeneca, parts cut off for confidentiality reasons – RT in english

The EU has put online the contract signed last year with the British laboratory to pre-order its vaccine, with entire parts blacked out for confidentiality reasons. The group is under pressure due to delays in deliveries.

The European Commission has been asking the British laboratory AstraZeneca for a green light for several days to make public the contract signed last year between it and the European Union (EU) on the pre-order of its anti-Covid vaccine. This is done on January 29 … with one detail: the document uploaded by the EU (Advanced purchase contract [APA] for the production, purchase and furniture of an anti-Covid vaccine in the European Union) appears to have been entirely cut off, blackened for reasons of confidentiality.

“We welcome the company’s commitment to increased transparency […] Transparency and accountability are important to strengthen the confidence of European citizens ”, commented a spokesperson for the European Commission.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) decides on the same January 29 on the authorization in the EU of AstraZeneca’s vaccine against Covid-19, while the 27 criticize its delivery delays and the German vaccination commission advised against it for over 65s.

Details to follow …

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