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Erin Moriarty slams Megyn Kelly for ‘false’ plastic surgery claims

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Erin Moriarty slammed Megyn Kelly in a new post after the former Fox News host claimed she had plastic surgery.

“The Boys” star, 29, took to Instagram on Friday to applaud Kelly, 53, for claiming on a recent episode of her eponymous podcast that the actress was “addicted” to cosmetic surgery.

“We are all subject to levels of bullying throughout our lives, but I am horrified and felt I deserved to take a second to address these things,” Moriarty said on Instagram.

“Receiving a message about a video that was disgusting and counterproductive to the point of being ironically misogynistic from Megyn Kelly commenting on the manner – to learn the widespread nature of this horrified me,” she continued.

On Kelly’s show, she shared a “before” photo of the “Jessica Jones” alum that she called “relatively recent,” adding that it shows Moriarty looking like a “nice, beautiful, and natural.”

In the “after” photo, the news channel seemed shocked by Moriarty’s supposed transformation,

“I thought it was just an AI-generated face…but apparently it’s real,” Kelly continued. “She did this to herself.”

Megyn Kelly
The former Fox News host claimed in a recent episode of her eponymous podcast that the actress was “addicted” to cosmetic surgery. YouTube/@MegynKelly

“I consider (plastic surgery) a sign of mental illness. I really want to get into these young girls’ heads and say, ‘Please don’t do this,'” Kelly proclaimed.

Moriarty then explained in her lengthy statement yesterday that Kelly “used a photo she said was taken ‘a year ago’ that was actually taken about ten years ago, before I was OLD LEGAL TO DRINKING (I’m about to turn 30). for example.”

She went on to note that the “after” snapshot was a day when she “did makeup” and that it “involved a major remodel and I remember leaving and feeling pretty.”

“It becomes harassment,” Moriarty said. “It’s becoming fake news.”

Erin Moriarty
“The Boys” actress took to social media to hit back at Kelly’s statements. Getty Images

“Shame on you Megyn Kelly. Shame on you, Fox News (Vought incarnate),” she scoffed.

She added: “(I am) horrified by the reaction, the reductive assumptions and the aforementioned video which is a prime example of such harassment. It broke my heart. You broke my heart.

The “Captain Fantastic” star’s “The Boys” costars, such as Jack Quaid and Chace Crawford, shared their love and support for her in the comments.

Quaid wrote: “I love you, Erin. “F— the haters,” while the “Gossip Girl” alum shared a red heart emoji.

New York Post

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