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Erika Jayne applauds after being ashamed of shopping at TJ Maxx

There is no shame in getting the maximum for the minimum!

Erika Jayne just shut down an internet troll who called her to shop at TJ Maxx. She was pictured on September 14 picking out clothes at the thrift store in Pasadena, Calif., Alongside her assistant. According to a witness, they then headed to Petco, where she bought a dog ladder to help her pet get in and out of the car.

Some fans felt she was above chain shopping, given that she bragged about spending $ 40,000 a month “on clothes, shoes and accessories” in 2017.

An enemy tweeted, “Shopping at TJMAXX… .with your assistant?…. EJ Optics… .you’re smarter than that…. [is] NOT win! ”

She had quite the answer, saying, “I shopped there for years. I also went to Petco and Target. Stop analyzing my life.”

Although the Real housewives from Beverly Hills the star made it clear that TJ Maxx is not a new hangout, fans seemed to be the think she needed a “crisis management” plan after being sued last month for $ 25 million. But no, Erika said a crisis management team would be a “waste of money”.