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Eric Adams gives a tour of the apartment amid questions of residency

And in a rare cross-campaign committee demonstration, Mr. Yang’s campaign co-directors on Wednesday released a list of questions for Mr. Adams which, they noted, was intended to add to questions raised by the Ms. Wiley’s team the day before.

“Why would anyone vote for a candidate who can’t even be honest about where he lives?” Asked Sasha Ahuja and Chris Coffey, Mr. Yang’s campaign managers, as they detailed a list of ethical issues. “How are the traffic problems in Fort Lee?” What are you hiding? “

A day earlier, Ms Wiley’s campaign manager, Maya Rupert, had asked, “WTF?!?! Does Eric Adams live in New Jersey? On Wednesday Mr. Adams spokeswoman Madia Coleman fired back, posting a series of questions about Ms. Wiley’s case, final, “I mean, seriously, WTF …”

Earlier Wednesday, a crowd of reporters gathered outside Mr Adams’ townhouse in Bedford-Stuyvesant, where a table was set with coffee and vegan pastries for reporters. (Mr. Adams is a vocal vegan.)

At one point, Mr. Adams appeared unable to speak for over a minute as he told a story that he had been shot while speaking out on racism within the police department, a few just days after the birth of her son, now 26.

Mr Adams said that was the reason he had tried to keep his family life a secret.

“I realized that the life I was leading, my advocacy, was going to take away his father,” he said. “During my entire police career, none of my colleagues knew that I had a son. I wanted to protect him from the reality of what I was doing. I have become very private.

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