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England batsman Zak Crawley says 2-2 draw in India would make ‘incredible winter’ in Test cricket |  Cricket News

Zak Crawley says ‘there is definitely a way back’ for England as they look to break India’s 12-game winning streak at home; 23-year-old says tourists’ struggles with the bat are a “big learning curve” and insists Joe Rot loves being the key man in the camp

Last updated: 02/03/21 16:17 pm

Zak Crawley was the only English batsman to pass fifty in the third day-night test against India (Pic Credit – ECB)

Zak Crawley says winning a 2-2 draw in India would end an “incredible winter” for England in the cricket test.

England – who won 2-0 in Sri Lanka in January – will end India’s 12-game winning streak at home if they triumph in the fourth Test an Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on Thursday.

The Tourists were beaten by 317 runs in the second test, then lost on the third day-night by 10 wickets in two days – but Crawley says his team can bounce back from those disappointing results.

The drummer told reporters at a virtual press conference on Tuesday: “A [2-2 scoreline] would be an incredible performance.

England batsman Zak Crawley says 2-2 draw in India would make ‘incredible winter’ in Test cricket |  Cricket News

I think it will be a very similar pitch this week – and why shouldn’t it be? India played very well on the last two fields. It was not easy to score in the third test but it was the same for both camps. We had our chance – we hit it first – and unfortunately we didn’t play as well as we needed to.

Zak Crawley expects the pitch to turn in the final test (Photo: BCC1)

“India would be very disappointed with a draw series and we would be very happy. It would be an incredible winter if we could win four out of six test matches.

“There is still a lot to play and there is definitely a way back. It’s going to force us to take the lead in the first set, I think, and it will force us to beat really well.

“Our bowlers did well, they played 145 points in the last test, and if we can replicate that and get a nice lead, that will put India under pressure, I think.

“We played against a few good bowlers and managed to score some good points and win test games so there’s no reason we can’t start over.”

England batsman Zak Crawley says 2-2 draw in India would make ‘incredible winter’ in Test cricket |  Cricket News

Crawley in the net during a training session in England in Ahmedabad (Pic Credit – ECB)

Crawley scored the best score with 53 in England’s opening innings in the pink ball test, but Joe Root’s men were pitched for 112 after choosing to beat and were then contested for 81 in their second handle.

Root’s team have failed to hit 200 in their last five innings, but Crawley says those experiences, including dealing with social media criticism, will benefit the young batsmen on the team.

The 23-year-old added: “It’s a great learning curve – and not just on the pitch. I’m not on social media, but the guys who said there was a lot to say about the last game.

“It’s about managing that sort of thing at this level. This is one of the biggest differences I have found with county cricket – dealing with that outside pressure that people put on you and that you put on yourself.

“It’s great for us to come up against some of the best players in the world and if we perform well we can get a lot of confidence out of that. We will be better for sure. I think I have better plans to go. match now.

“We still have a lot of confidence in our abilities. India has some great players on their side and they’ve been fighting for the points as well. It’s not like they’re scoring millions and we’re not scoring none. “

England batsman Zak Crawley says 2-2 draw in India would make ‘incredible winter’ in Test cricket |  Cricket News

I had some good balls and I did a lot of left arm rotation. If I’m faced with a spin pretty much all the time from both sides, I’m going to go to one of the spinners – unless I get 200! For a right-handed batsman, the left-hander will pose more of a challenge.

Zak Crawley on his fall to the left arm rotation six times in a row

Crawley says England may need to be more “proactive” against Indian spinner Axar Patel, who scored 11-70 in the day-night test, including Crawley’s wicket twice.

However, Kent’s man believes Axar’s impact might be slightly mitigated by the fact that the pink ball will be replaced with the red one for the final test.

“If it’s the same pitch I think it will be a little easier. The pink ball was a little harder and skidded pretty quickly which is why we saw Axar get so many wickets and bowling. “said Crawley.

“He still has this ball in his arsenal and will be a massive threat, but it may not slip with the same pace as the pink ball.”

England batsman Zak Crawley says 2-2 draw in India would make ‘incredible winter’ in Test cricket |  Cricket News

A sheepish Joe Root celebrates his five-wicket run in the pink ball test (Photo credit – BCCI)

Root, part-time, scored 5-8 with the pink ball in India’s first innings on the night, adding those wickets to a winter of three hundred, including two double tons, and the role of captain.

When asked if Root is carrying too much of a burden, Crawley added, “If you know Joe, he likes it all – I don’t think he feels like he’s carrying us at all.

“He loves being the best player on our team and one of the best players in the world and obviously contributing with the ball and as a captain. I don’t think he’s embarrassed to carry that load.

“We would love to help him. We know how much it means to him and given his performances this winter, it would be nice to be part of a good team win in this last game.”

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