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End of the snail operation for Fonderie de Bretagne employees – Fonderie de Bretagne: what future?

The employees of the Fonderie de Bretagne carried out, this Saturday, a snail operation in the Lorient sector, on the RN 165. After a starting point, at the beginning of the afternoon, on the foundry site, in Caudan , the demonstrators set up their device on the RN165, then on the penetrating road to Lorient, and towards the Base roundabout, before moving towards the beach road. After slowing down the traffic to Fort Blocked in Ploemeur, they went up towards the RN 165, via the Mourillon roundabout in Quéven. Firefighters were called in to put out a tire fire.

At around 6 p.m., they joined the Fonderie de Bretagne, allowing traffic conditions to begin to return to normal, which had been very difficult in this sector all afternoon.

Other operations are to be expected.

The snail operation left the Fonderie de Bretagne at the beginning of the afternoon, continued as far as Fort-Bloque then returned, via the Mourillon roundabout in Quéven, towards the RN 165. Significant disturbances were recorded. (DR)

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