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End of the school year: teachers’ unions point to “inequalities” – France

  • 1 Olivier Cuzon (Sud-Education): “Improvisation”
  • “This measure is improvised. It goes against all the speeches which claim that the school is free from contamination and that the priority is education. There is no need to dwell further to say that we are ending this school year in the greatest disorganization. The ministry adds problems and shows that the Republic is not the same everywhere, between the public which must be in half-gauge and the private which operates at full capacity. “

  • 2 Florent Martini (FSU): “A certain way of covering yourself”
  • “It is the famous bric-a-brac of colleges and high schools since the reform on autonomy. School leaders are worried about cases of covid and prefer to close a week before exams for fear of an explosion in cases of illness. Let’s say it’s a certain way of covering up… Since September, we have kept insisting that the instructions were not strict enough. That there are far too many children in classes already for educational reasons, and then because of the additional sanitation. Next year, everything will start again, the pupils having little or no vaccination during the holidays. “

  • 3 Marie Dagnaud (CGT-Education): “A real inequality”
  • “This week in less directly enters the deregulation system wanted by the ministry. It also highlights the strengthening of the public-private separation. When the public is at a distance or in small groups, the private sector works at full capacity and does not fail to let families know that they are looking to look after their children. There is a real inequality of treatment between these students, and even within public education. Everyone has known since the start of this crisis that distancing favors good students to the detriment of those who are struggling. We are clearly playing competition and social difference, this is one of the huge problems of the system wanted by Blanquer. “

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