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End of rave party in Haut-Corlay – Brittany

While in the night from Friday to Saturday, the police intervened to put an end to a rave-party in a field in Haut-Corlay, the hundred chirkers who remained there took to the road on Sunday, at the end of morning, leaving bags of garbage… and a car wreck.

This Sunday, May 2 in the morning, the owners of the fields went to the site. One of the farmers, living in Le Vieux-Bourg, testifies: “We had to bring in the cattle urgently on Friday. There was no major damage. The chirpers left us a few piles of garbage, but the grounds are generally clean, although a few syringes and other broken glass still litter the side of the path. Fortunately, our fields are insured ”.

Jean-Pierre Le Bihan, mayor of Haut-Corlay, welcomes the intervention of the gendarmes, who prevented the event from growing, as much as he condemns the attitude of the organizers: “The organization of a rave-party in the middle of a pandemic calls out to me! Locally, all associations play the game while respecting strict health rules. The deliberate choice to organize such a gathering is appalling ”.

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