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Employers want to hire freshmen in second semester of 2021, report says


Companies across industries are poised to hire entry-level employees in the second half of 2021. About 21-31% of 661 companies surveyed across multiple industries, including IT, e-commerce, telecommunications, tech startups, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, logistics, and manufacturing are planning to hire new entrants, a report revealed.

Half of the companies surveyed are listed on the stock exchange.

The TeamLease report says more recent hiring intentions across all industries improved to 17% for the second half of 2021, from 15% in the first half marred by the COVID-19 pandemic. He described first-year students as people with no work experience or up to a year of work experience.
Hiring sentiment in favor of freshers was found to be highest in Bengaluru at over 40 percent, followed by Mumbai and Delhi. Recruitments will recover until December.

Shantanu Rooj, CEO of TeamLease Edtech, said new age skills such as data science, digital marketing and artificial intelligence are easier to find among newcomers than side hires.

TeamLease also expects IT recruiting to see double-digit growth (10-12%) in 2021. “With 95% of organizations planning to increase their cloud spend over the next 12 months, skilled talent in Cloud Computing / Devops will also be in demand. “said Siva Prasad Nanduri, vice president and chief executive officer, IT staffing at TeamLease Digital.

In the logistics sector, the demand for warehouse positions (delivery managers, movers, packers, loaders, etc.) has increased by 20-25% compared to last year and is expected to increase further.

Almost 45 percent of employers are ready to hire apprentices during the current semester (July to December). This is, according to the human resources company, a 4% increase in intention compared to the previous semester.

“Manufacturing and engineering (68%), retail (58%), automotive and accessories (58%) are the main sectors that hire apprentices,” said TeamLease. He added that cities like Lucknow (79%) and Ahmedabad (69%) are faring better than traditional Indian megacities. “Among the subways, Chennai (65%) and Delhi (58%) are the most promising destinations for apprentices,” according to the survey.

The company previously noted that the intention to hire freshers increased by 7 percent in the July-September quarter.