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Emoni Bates reclassifies in the 2021 class;  best prospect considering three colleges, G League

Emoni Bates decided to hit the fast forward button on his basketball timeline.

The much appreciated prospect Jeff Goodman told the Stadium that he will reclassify from the Class of 2022 to the Class of 2021. Bates also noted that he has only four options left for his future: Memphis, Michigan State, Oregon and the G League. The Spartans remain on Bates’ list despite withdrawing from MSU earlier this year.

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Bates shared his last four in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

Because he won’t be 19 until January 2023, Bates will not be eligible for the 2022 NBA Draft under current league rules. As Goodman pointed out, that means Bates could potentially play two years of college hoops.

No matter where he lands, plenty of NBA scouts will be watching Bates as he continues to develop. ESPN project expert Mike Schmitz once called Bates “the best hope in the world, whatever his age.”

“He’s arguably the best NBA prospect I’ve ever rated – 6 foot 9, grips like a guard, can get up from anywhere on the ground and has star quality about him, a killer instinct, ”Schmitz told ESPN’s Scott Van. Peel last year. “So this kid has all the makings of a future No. 1 pick and the prospect of a franchise change.”

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