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Emmanuel Macron’s announcements at the end of the Beauvau de la Sécurité – RT in French

Emmanuel Macron was in Roubaix on September 14 for the closure of the Beauvau de la sécurité. A consultation started this year between the government and the unions with the aim of improving the conditions for the practice of law enforcement.

The Head of State held a very political speech with announcements that curiously resemble those of the candidate Macron for the 2017 presidential election. So are these measures just an announcement effect or the start of a real change background ? What future for the police in 2030? Bruno Bartocetti, secretary of the South zone Syndicat SGP Police FO Unit and Jean-Pierre Colombiès, spokesperson for the Union of Independent National Police Officers (UPNI) were the guests of the Info with Stéphanie De Muru to return to the announcements of the French President .

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