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Emmanuel Macron files a complaint against the display who made him up as Adolf Hitler – RT in French

Emmanuel Macron filed a complaint against Michel-Ange Flori, the display who had posted in Toulon and La Seyne-sur Mer posters of the Head of State dressed as Adolf Hitler. An investigation for public insult was opened on July 20.

It is a rare step that that of a President of the Republic filing a complaint in his own name. However, this is what Emmanuel Macron did, as confirmed by his entourage. A complaint against Michelangelo Flori, who had produced several posters where the President of the Republic was made up as Adolf Hitler accompanied by the slogan: “Obey and get vaccinated”. The display was made in La Seyne-sur Mer and Toulon during the weekend of July 17 and 18. An investigation for public insult was then opened on July 20. The display risks up to 12,000 euros in fines.

Michel-Ange Flori also confirmed the filing of a complaint on his Twitter account: “I have just learned that I will be heard at the Toulon police station tomorrow upon complaint from the President of the Republic. Thus, in macronie, one can make fun of the ass of the prophet, it is satire, but to make up the president as dictator it is a blasphemy, he commented laconically.

Michel-Ange Flori’s lawyer would have confirmed to France Bleu that his client was confident, but criticized the procedure initiated by the Head of State: “This poster is excessive and it is the principle of caricature . But that’s not offensive. ”

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