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Émilie, an essential soap maker – LeTelegramme Le T +

A year ago, in Quistinic (56), Émilie Mahé created The Green Valley Soap Factory. Capitalizing on her experience as a management assistant in the paramedical environment, she developed this long-standing project with passion. It is the result of professional retraining, chosen and prepared at the pace of technical and regulatory training sessions.

Respectful of the environment and the body

Yes the covid-19 crisis slowed down this beautiful dynamic, it did not in any way affect the pugnacity of the young woman. At 38, this mother of three has set up her laboratory in a room in her home, encouraged by her partner. It manufactures six soaps and three deodorant balms there, respectful of the environment and the body, without perfume or essential oils. A range that she wishes to enrich.

The soaps dry in Émilie Mahé’s laboratory, located at her home

“I preferred to fully assume my convictions. I wanted to work in a meaningful job, to manage my activity from A to Z, in line with my lifestyle and my personal values, while preserving the family balance: consuming locally, promoting the short circuit, returning to more simplicity in the bathroom ”.

A soap to the government

And at La Savonnerie de la Vallée Verte, everything is artisanal: “I developed my recipes for three years. My raw materials are organic, they have been tested and validated by a toxicologist before being launched into various sales networks, ”summarizes the young self-employed person.

Émilie, an essential soap maker – LeTelegramme Le T +
Emilie Mahé continues to expand its range of soaps and deodorant balms without perfume or essential oils

Emilie Mahé joined the movement of the 800 soap makers mobilized to have their activity classified as “essential trade”: “Hand washing is recognized as essential, so why were we not allowed to open shops or sell in markets? ? Like a hundred of her counterparts, the Breton soap maker sent the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, and the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, one of the soaps from its range, joining the action to the word to pass a soap to the government. While waiting for the return of milder days …

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