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Embarrassing bug during Macron’s intervention at the Davos Forum – RT en français

Emmanuel Macron found himself very alone during his virtual exchange with the founding president of the World Economic Forum when the connection with Klaus Schwab was abruptly interrupted. “I lost you Klaus,” he said.

While exchanging by videoconference on January 26, 2021 with the founding president of the World Economic Forum – organized this year virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic – the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron suffered the vagaries of technology, losing communication with Klaus Schwab.

The two men were in the process of sketching the outlines of the “next world”, when all of a sudden communication with the German was abruptly interrupted.

“I lost you Klaus!” He said at first. Before adding, smirk: “Dear Klaus, I see you but you don’t move and you don’t speak.”

Visibly amused by the situation, the tenant of the Elysee Palace is then challenged by his team. “What’s the matter ? Are we not the ones who have the problems? ”He asks, before asking:“ I haven’t forgotten anything? I said nothing about … “

“Klaus, I see you again but I had lost you,” he concluded a few seconds later.

During his exchange with Klaus Schwab, Emmanuel Macron notably returned to the health crisis, explaining: “The first thing that this taught us is that we cannot think of the economy without people. […] We have done in all our countries something that was considered unthinkable, that is, we stopped all economic activities to protect lives. We remembered that economics was a moral science and that human life took precedence over exchanges and figures. ”

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