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embarrassed, government promises firmness against participants – RT in French

Gérald Darmanin accused the alleged organizer of lying, assuring that if ministers were present, they will have to resign. Marlène Schiappa, for her part, defended Gabriel Attal who, according to her, declined an invitation.

On the morning of April 6, the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin and his Minister for Citizenship Marlène Schiappa stepped up to try to put an end to the controversy which has continued to swell since the broadcast by M6 of a report on the organization of luxurious clandestine dinners in Paris.

On Europe 1, the Minister of the Interior thus assured that “to his knowledge” no minister or secretary of state had participated in these dinners. The alleged organizer of these events, Pierre-Jean Chalençon had initially assured to have dined on these occasions “with a certain number of ministers”, before backtracking, evoking an “April fool”.

“This Mr. Chalençon lied to give himself false publicity and that could cost him dearly!” Threatened Gerald Darmanin, denouncing a rumor “hard for our democracy”. “Suspicion allows people to be condemned and not reality,” he added, which is why he launched an investigation.

The tenant of Beauvau also qualified the underground restaurants and parties as “anti-citizen” acts, believing that if one of his government colleagues had indeed participated in these illegal dinners, he “would not be up to the task. his function ”and his resignation“ would seem fair to him ”.

I know from a reliable and confirmed source that there was indeed an invitation and that Gabriel Attal firmly refused this invitation

Questioned on France Info at the same time, Marlène Schiappa also considered that “each person who participated in this [devait] obviously be accountable like any citizen and be penalized “, specifying that if it was a minister, he should” to [son] humble opinion ”resign.

Moments later, she defended government spokesman Gabriel Attal in these terms: “I know from a reliable and confirmed source that there was indeed an invitation and that Gabriel Attal firmly refused this invitation by saying that there were sanitary measures. “

In one interview broadcast in February and which resurfaced after the broadcast of the M6 ​​report, Pierre-Jean Chalençon referred to his “friends in the government”, and in particular Gabriel Attal, assuring that he “[devait] come to dinner soon ”. The entourage of the government spokesperson had quickly reacted, assuring that Gabriel Attal had discovered the statements of Pierre-Jean Chalençon on April 4 on Twitter with “a lot of astonishment”. “He does not know Mr. Chalençon and has obviously never participated in any dinner or evening”, insisted the entourage of the spokesperson..

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