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Email error from hospital staff who are not vaccinated against COVID-19

A hospital system in Ontario, Canada has apologized after the accidental leak of the names of staff members who are not vaccinated against COVID-19.

The Human Resources Department at The Ottawa Hospital sent a system-generated email to unvaccinated staff members last week, inviting them to participate in a snapshot education module. The email did not blind carbon copy their email addresses, according to multiple media outlets.

Instead, staff member’s email addresses appeared in full in the “To” section and were visible to everyone else on the list.

“The email was immediately recalled and all copies were deleted,” a spokesperson told HuffPost via an emailed statement Wednesday. “Apologies and explanations have been sent to affected staff members. “

According to the statement, hospital workers should be vaccinated against COVID-19. They should have received their first dose on September 7, the Ottawa Citizen reported.

“Healthcare workers have worked tirelessly to protect our communities throughout the pandemic, and they deserve protection and support to enable them to do their jobs safely and to the best of their ability,” the hospital said. in its press release.

It is not known exactly how many hospital workers were named in the email and therefore are not vaccinated. But CTV News Ottawa, citing a hospital source, said there could be as many as 391 of the 11,600 staff members in total.


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