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Ellen Pompeo’s Love Scenes On The Affected Husband From Grey’s Anatomy

When McDreamy becomes your worst nightmare.

Ellen Pompeo recently revealed that her 14-year-old husband, Chris Ivery, was not always a fan of Patrick dempseythe character of (Derek Shepherd or McDreamy) on Grey’s Anatomy.

During an interview on the Ladies First with Laura Brown podcast, the ABC star frankly discussed her husband’s initial reaction to her steamy kiss scenes with Patrick, who played her sweetheart and eventual husband on the hit TV series.

“The poor guy had no idea what he was getting into,” the ABC star explained in the Tuesday July 27 interview. “I remember at first it was really hard for him. He thought to himself: ‘This is not what I signed You go to work and you kiss this. ‘I love Patrick and everything, he’s a good guy, but really?’ “

Although Patrick left the show in 2015, he made an epic comeback in season 17 in April.

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