Elizabeth Holmes shaves more time off her sentence

CNN — New York (CNN) — Disgraced former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes could be released from prison several months earlier than expected, according to an expected release date released by the Bureau of Prisons.

The Bureau of Prisons’ online database currently shows Holmes’ expected release date from a Texas prison as August 16, 2032, a slight reduction from his previous release date of December 29, 2032.

This is his second reduction in less than a year: last July, his sentence of 11 years and three months was reduced by around two years.

The Bureau of Prisons did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment. However, the office previously told CNN it could not comment on the conditions of any specific inmate’s detention, but said inmates could earn good behavior time which was calculated based on their release date planned. Qualified inmates are currently entitled to up to 54 days of GCT time for each year of their court-imposed sentence.

Inmates have other ways to accumulate time credits while incarcerated, including participating in various prison programs. These factors that go into calculating an estimated release date are not unique to Holmes’ case, but are common for inmates, an office spokesperson previously told CNN.

Holmes is currently serving his sentence at Federal Prison Camp Bryan, a minimum-security federal prison camp located about 100 miles from Houston. Her request to remain free on bail while she fights to overturn her conviction was rejected by an appeals court in May 2023.

Holmes was once an icon in the tech world, exemplifying the limitless ambitions and potential of Silicon Valley. She is now one of the few tech executives serving prison time after being convicted early last year of multiple investor fraud charges while running Theranos.

Theranos was valued at $9 billion at its peak, making Holmes a billionaire on paper. The company began to collapse after a 2015 Wall Street Journal investigation reported that Theranos had performed only a dozen of the hundreds of tests it offered using its proprietary technology, and with precision doubtful. It also emerged that Theranos relied on devices made by traditional blood testing companies rather than its own technology.

–CNN’s Catherine Thorbecke contributed to this report.

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