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Eli Manning has a perfect one-word answer to Tom Brady’s undefeated quote

Despite all of his many Super Bowl accolades and titles, Tom Brady still thinks of the one who escaped.

The Hall of Fame quarterback admitted on Monday that he would be ready to trade two of his seven Super Bowls wins for the 19-0 season the Patriots nearly ended in 2007 – if not for a 17-14 loss against Eli Manning and the Giants in Super Bowl 42.

Well, Manning had the perfect answer for Brady on Tuesday.

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The wildest trolls are always the simplest, and it doesn’t get much simpler than a one-word answer. It’s only better considering that both of Manning’s two Super Bowl wins came over the Brady Patriots.

Brady may be the best quarterback and best player in NFL history, but Manning will always have that on the Eternal Wonder. No wonder he never gives up on those Super Bowls.

But, hey – Brady isn’t retired yet. He has at least one more shot in an unbeaten season at Tampa Bay with a very good supporting cast.

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